Christian Megert


In this multifaceted panorama Christian Megert discovered in mirrors the main medium for expressing his own poetics which were to have the creation of space as their central theme, as is testified to by his manifesto Ein Neuer Raum (A New Space), published in 1961.
Through a wide-ranging selection of works from the 1980s until today, the show aims at paying tribute to the most recent art concerns of Megert. This output is characterized by the use of iridescent tones in a dialogue with synthetic and superimposed geometries, in a continual chain of reflections and allusions. The rigorous colours of blue, red, and green are in this way emphasized by the force of the collages and by the artist's original compositions; these involve the viewer in an active enjoyment of the work which is in continual development. As a result of his use of mirrors and the play of volumes, the artist breaks down the classical physicality of the space to create a surface that stands out from reality and, in this way, concretizes his search for "a new space".

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