Gianfranco Zappettini


In 1971 he was invited to the “Arte Concreta” (Concrete Art) exhibition at the Westfälischer Kunstverein in Münster, curated by Klaus Honnef. He participated in the main exhibitions of the Painting of those years: “Tempi di percezione” (Times of perception, Livorno, 1973), “Un future possible. Nuova Pittura” (A Possible Future – New Painting, Ferrara, 1973), “Geplante Malerei” (Münster and Milan, 1974), “Analytische Malerei” (Düsseldorf, 1975), “Concerning Painting...” (a travelling exhibit in different Dutch Museums, 1975-1976). In 1977 he was invited to the Documenta 6 in Kassel and in 1978 he attended the “Abstraction Analytique” at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.

Recently his work has focused on the symbolism of the warp and woof. In 2007, the VAF-Stiftung Foundation dedicated to him an impressive monograph curated by Volker Feierabend and Marco Meneguzzo.

Among the latest collective exhibitions must be mentioned “Pittura analitica. I percorsi italiani. 1970-1980”, Museo della Permanente (Milan, 2007), “Pittura aniconica”, Casa del Mantegna (Mantonva, 2008), “Analytica”, Annotazioni d’Arte (Milan, 2008), “Pensare pittura” (Thinking Painting, Museum of Modern Art at Villa Croce, Genoa, 2009), “Analytische Malerei”, Forum Kunst (Rottweil, 2011). Among the personal exhibitions over the last fifty years dedicated to him from both public and private spaces, must be mentioned: Westfälischer Kunstverein (Münster, 1975), Internationaal Cultureel Centrum (Antwerp, 1978), Museum of Contemporary Art at Villa Croce (Genoa, 1997), CAMeC-The Centre of Modern and Contemporary Art (La Spezia, 2007), Forum Kunst (Rottweil, 2007, with Paolo Icaro), Lucca Center of Contemporary Art (Lucca, 2012).

In 2013 the artist took part in the “Erben – Viallat – Zappettini: tre maestri della pittura analitica europea” (“Erben – Viallat – Zappettini: three masters of the European analytical painting”) exhibition at MAAB Gallery in Milan and in 2014 he exhibited in solo show at Galleria Allegra Ravizza in Lugano.

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