Archivi Sincroni




With their precious content, these archives deal with, and get to the heart of, the specific and exact arguments of the last century. From Futurism to Decadentism. These small collections, the result of deep studies, have the ambitious aim of permitting the rediscovery of forgotten or misunderstood
sensations of our cultural heritage and the joy that comes from them.

Culture is like noise, to quote John Cage (Los Angeles 1912 – New York 1992): “When we ignore it, it disturbs us. When we listen to it, we find it fascinating”.
“Silence does not exist”.
Ignorance does not exist!
Culture’s noise is inescapable and continuous in every aspect of our life; if we want to ignore it we become upset, it torments us from childhood, it is the soundtrack of a widespread social obligation, it is a buzzing that embarrasses like flatulence and, in the same way, it makes us feel inadequate and badly digested.
But when we listen to the echo of the noise of Culture, we hear it rebound from every wall around us and it is transformed to become Knowledge and Awareness.
At this point we can no longer turn back: the noise will be transformed into melody and our ears will decode each vibration and will become hungry for them.
Those who love techno, metallic, or disco music cannot ignore Luigi Russolo (Portogruaro, 1885 – Laveno-Mombello, 1947) and, probably, ought to venerate him, inasmuch as his intuition transformed the music of noise forever.

It’s done by now and there is no going back; noise has become music and our ears love it.

We believe in the history of art and its developmental contribution to individual and collective awareness.

As is well known, “Contemporaneity” would not be such if there were not a “Precedent”.

In this epoch where, for the natural evolutionary dynamics of thought, the motives of children prevail over those of their parents, as in Futurism or in 1968, the desire for annulment is understandable and necessary, but historical knowledge of what one wants to renew is its basis.
For this reason we are proposing twelve thematic archives with an understanding of them as their aim. This is, we find, adapted to this historical period that we enclose in our rooms and that we are deeply changing.
The hope is that there will be a new contemporaneity, one that is perhaps calmer but more attentive, a dawning maturity towards a new Synchrony.

Strongboxes of Sin-Crono 4 for an understanding of the art of Noises and of Futurist theatre, of the poetry and music that have led us through the last century.
We have great masters; so let’s listen and enjoy their intuitions, let’s listen to their echoes on the walls of our rooms.

Each archive contains a genuine collection of original documents and objects contained in a strongbox: an Art Collection for an understanding of the argument.

A precious book, rare music, a centennial daily newspaper, a handwritten sheet of paper, an emotional letter about a debut, a score signed for a friend, a letter and best wishes, a photo crumpled at the corners and with a beautifully written dedication, an old, illustrated fairytale, a stave never before written on for notes that did not yet exist, the memory of a Diva and an anti-philosophical editor, the writing of a revolutionary, a moving dedication of love with microscopic and previously unseen music, an illustrated calendar, an aperitif set to music with a short jingle ...
Scents, colours, NOISES.